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Valeria Suárez

Program Coordinator




The DreamSF Fellowship has reinforced my passion for serving immigrants and also has given me a glimpse of what I would like to specialize in as an immigration attorney. My placement has exposed me to immigration law and labor employment by taking me on real cases, and by providing professional training on specific topics or specializations of immigration law. 

Sandra Flores Ortega, DreamSF Fellow, 2019


The DreamSF Fellowship was an opportunity that instilled in me a deep sense of hope for the future and highlighted the power of policy and politics in affecting change and creating thriving communities. My experience in the DreamSF Fellowship made me aware of local policies, which pushed me to delve deeper into my interest in pursuing a career in city planning. 

Jillian Bautista, DreamSF Fellow, 2018


Through the DreamSF Fellows, I learned the skills of coalition-building and community organizing. In order to bring about long community change and empowerment, the work has to come from within. 

Gerardo Gomez, DreamSF Fellow, 2017


The DreamSF Fellowship leadership seminars contributed to my personal growth because it not only focused on building our professionalism, but also our personal healing, financial literacy, health and wellness, and how to do good work that supports and empowers immigrant communities.

Alfredo Coyotl, DreamSF Fellow, 2016


As a DreamSF Fellow, I was fortunate to be placed at an organization that patiently taught me all that I know today. Because of this, I am currently employed full time. I also got to meet and network with individuals from and outside my host organization, participate community in events, and overall grow on a personal and professional level. 

Andrea G. Reyes, DreamSF Fellow, 2015


I owe a lot to the DreamSF Fellowship. It provided me with so many opportunities that have propelled me into the professional workforce. The DreamSF Fellowship is the real reason why I was ready and prepared to enter any career path I chose to take after graduating college.

Miguel Castillo, DreamSF Fellow, 2014

Our fellows in action!

Maria and Deyana (2017) on 106 KMEL Radio for Dr. Marshall's Alive and Free talk show.

Why CSUEB needs to take more action: My experience as an undocumented 


Luis Quiroz (2017) featured story of etc Magazine's winter 2017 issue.

NBC Bay Area interviewed Maria and Valeria of the 2017 cohort.

Alejandra Sanchez (2015) video clip at Immigrants Rising

OneJustice Q&A with Miguel Castillo (2014)

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