Meet the Fellows

Beatrice Sanchez

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Beatrice Sanchez, a half Filipina and half Salvadoran immigrant, was born in Canada and migrated to the U.S. when she was four years old. She has resided in Oakland most of her life, from schooling to her involvement with her local public main library, youth organizations and health clinics.

Though she has a passion for community work, she has an even bigger passion for art. As an emerging artivist and immigrant rights leader, Beatrice uses her illustration skills to give a voice to the struggles of undocumented Asian and Pacific Islander students. She wants to pursue a career that would encompass the fields of graphic design and organizing undocumented API youth through artivism. Beatrice aspires to create a space where she can share her love for art and help unleash the talent of artivists within her community. She currently attends Laney College, studying Graphic Design.

Beatrice is a DreamSF Fellow at Advancing Justice-Asian Law Caucus with the organization’s ASPIRE Program, the first pan-Asian undocumented youth group in the country. Her main responsibilities include organizing and facilitating workshops for their leadership development program, with a focus on intersectionality between xenophobia and racism. As a graphic designer, she plans to use her experience within ASPIRE to become an artivist for the undocumented community. She believes that art is a powerful tool that can be used to connect and understand one another.