Meet the Fellows

Andrea G. Reyes

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Born in El Salvador, Andrea G. Reyes spent the first ten years of her life in small neighborhood in the capital city, San Salvador. Economic and safety issues forced her mother, a former law student, to leave behind both her home and dreams to begin a new life for her family in the United States. As a new immigrant, Andrea faced many challenges adapting to her new home in Santa Clara, CA where she enrolled in the 5th grade. Growing up as a bilingual daughter of an immigrant family and the sibling of an Autistic child, Andrea quickly realized that the unique circumstances of her life positioned her as a both an advocate and bridge for her loved ones.

Heavily influenced by the strength of the women in her life, Andrea is a currently working on completing her Bachelor’s degree in Women and Gender Studies with an emphasis on feminist studies at San Francisco State University. She plans to attend graduate school in the same field, and is considering law school as an avenue to further empower the women in her life and community.

Andrea is a DACAmented youth and current DreamSF Fellow. Through her placement at Dolores Street Community Services, she has had the opportunity to collaborate closely with immigration attorneys that specialize in deportation defense. Her duties include intake for DACA applicants, translation and redaction of legal documents, country condition research, and overall support for the legal team. Her experiences working with a passionate, close-knit legal team have encouraged her to continue to pursue ways to advocate for populations who are at-risk and underserved.