Meet the Fellows

Ana Giulia Silva Serra

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Ana Giulia is a recent graduate from South San Francisco High School and Skyline Middle College. She is an Ethnic Studies major, avid reader and dog lover. Giulia migrated to the United States when she was 14 years old without any knowledge of the American culture or of the English language, but her determination and love for reading helped her master English. Her favorite books are The Handmaid’s Tale, The Great Gatsby, The Awakening, and A Doll’s House, in no specific order.

In her junior year of high school, Giulia applied to a program where she took both high school and college classes at her local community college. During this program, she discovered her deep interest in social justice. Currently, Giulia is the Secretary Deputy General of the Model United Nation (MUN) Club, and she has also founded her own club, Undocumented Students and Allies (USA), to support undocumented students at her college.

As a DreamSF Fellow, Giulia is placed at the San Francisco Office of Civic Engagement & Immigrant Affairs (OCEIA). At OCEIA, she will work alongside a collaborative of non-profit organizations that coordinate the San Francisco Pathways to Citizenship Initiative. Giulia will be supporting the preparation and follow up for their citizenship workshops and the financial empowerment program. She is excited to be helping members of the immigrant community achieve their goals of becoming naturalized citizens.

Like many other immigrants, Giulia faced a multitude of challenges and hardships as her family migrated to the United States. In her time in the U.S., she has experienced racism, xenophobia, and systematic injustices. These experiences have made Giulia passionate about social justice and fighting for immigrant rights. Her dream is to empower immigrants like herself to thrive in the United States.