Meet the Fellows

Chelsea Mwan'Zuzi

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Chelsea Mwan’Zuzi migrated with her family from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The initial move was tough on Chelsea because her father did not join the family in the U.S for several years. Despite this sacrifice, her parents willingly made the decision to ensure the futures of Chelsea and her siblings. Their actions did not go unnoticed, as it only fueled Chelsea to excel in academics and work towards achieving a better future; paving the way for those after her.

Chelsea is a junior at the University of San Francisco where she is obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Global Politics and Societies, with a double minor in African and African-American Studies. Based on her experiences of injustice and second-hand knowledge of human rights violations, Chelsea is personally motivated to advocate for the rights of all marginalized people. After completing her bachelor’s, Chelsea hopes to obtain a law degree with the goal of upholding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights globally by becoming an international human rights attorney.

While at the University of San Francisco, Chelsea was inducted into the first Black Scholars Program. She gave advice on program updates that tailored the needs of students and motivated the future cohorts through speeches and one on one advising sessions. As a member, she continues to encourage black students to aim for higher education and meaningful change through a network of mentorship opportunities.

For the DreamSF Fellowship, Chelsea has been placed at Pangea Legal Services. At Pangea, Chelsea assists the legal team with country conditions research, French translations and interpretations, and immigration document filings.

Chelsea has always strived to educate and advocate for the rights of every person, regardless of their background. She is a firm believer that immigrant rights are human rights, and that there should be a universal standard of human integrity for all institutions to abide by.

In her spare time, Chelsea thoroughly enjoys traveling as it is an experience to meet new people and appreciate various cultures. She also loves to spend time with family and friends, she explains there never is a dull moment when they are all together.