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Headshot of Alejandro Patino

Alejandro Patino

Alejandro is a student at San Jose State University, pursuing a career in software and web development. Over 20 years ago, Alejandro’s parents immigrated from Mexico to pursue their dreams of having a stable life and a respected career for their children. While growing up in the Bay Area in a low-income household, he is the first in his family to attend a four-year university and embark on a journey of higher education. Alejandro’s lived experience has shaped who he is and is what drives his passion for advocating for better opportunities.

As an aspiring software developer, Alejandro is motivated to give back to immigrant and disenfranchised communities by tutoring middle school students in science, math, and introductory computer programming concepts. To encourage students from low-income backgrounds to pursue careers in STEM, he believes they need more academic guidance and reassurance to keep them engaged and motivated.

Alejandro’s curiosity and passion for tech landed him an apprenticeship at Code The Dream, a coding Bootcamp that helps prepare people from diverse low-income backgrounds to launch a career in software development. He is learning the fundamentals of programming languages including Javascript, HTML, CSS, and React to prepare for a career in the tech industry.

During his free time, Alejandro enjoys going on hikes with his siblings to complete the Six-Pack of Peaks Challenge, a self-paced hiking and trail running challenge up six iconic Bay Area mountains. He also enjoys curating playlists for different moods and playing music as a DJ.

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