Meet the Fellows

Alexis Aguilar

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At the age of seven, Alexis was separated from his mother in an ICE detention center as they fled a life filled with violence and organized crime in Michoacan, Mexico. As he recollects these experiences, Alexis has come to understand the innate trauma harbored in the core of his narrative. His lived experiences growing up in Stockton, California have molded him to become the advocate seven-year-old Alexis wished he would have had defending him while he was placed in a cage away from his mother.

Education became Alexis’ refuge growing up battling the side effects of his socio-economic circumstances. It became his safe haven when he realized that as an undocumented immigrant there are so many things that can be taken away from him except his education. It is for this same exact reason that Alexis wants to make it his life’s mission to advocate on behalf of students whose intersectionalities align with his own, as they forge their paths through an exclusive and unequitable education system.

Having recently graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelors of Science in Conservation and Resource Studies, Alexis hopes to pursue a career as an educator after receiving a Masters in Education. During his time at Berkeley, Alexis advocated on behalf of  undocumented students by fighting for more inclusive institutions. Alexis served as an ASUC Senator at Berkeley, where he worked alongside university stakeholders in efforts to hold the administration accountable in their commitment to serve the undocumented community. In his role, he advocated on behalf of the institutionalization of further support systems that strive to expand legal, mental, and academic resources. His office passed a resolution calling on the university to expand financial assistance for undocumented students pursuing academic and professional opportunities. As a result he and his team secured $150,000 for the expansion of research opportunities.

As a DreamSF Fellow, Alexis is placed with Immigrants Rising. There, he is a Legal Intake Fellow, helping undocumented folks seek different avenues towards an adjustment of immigration status. Alexis is ecstatic to learn more about the immigration system and become acquainted with legal jargon, in hopes of expanding resources to more community members.

In his free time, Alexis enjoys taking long walks on the beach, while blasting Bad Bunny and Taylor Swift.