Meet the Fellows


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Vale was raised in Peru where her parents taught her about the importance of attaining an education. She excelled in school from a very young age, until the day she could no longer attend: making it her mission to defend her right to education as a student. Her determination and resilience led her to graduate from the top civil engineering program in the world at the University of California, Berkeley with a minor in City Planning.

During college, Vale navigated loneliness and imposter syndrome stemming from a lack of opportunities available to her. Fortunately, the Undocumented Student Program on campus became her new home, and she became their Marketing as Communications intern. There, Vale was able to combine her interests in social justice and content creation, advocating for undocumented students by building a safe environment where they could feel seen.

Vale’s personality can be described with two words: reading and art. Books are company and escapism from reality, while art is her favorite way of expressing herself and stemmed from her grandmother’s love for painting. As a multi-passionate individual, Vale shares all of her passions on her social media platforms. She desires to inspire people, especially women, to be themselves through her content creation and she hopes to become an author herself one day.

Vale is excited to assist the next generation of immigrants in search of educational opportunities in her DreamSF Fellowship placement at the Educational Placement Center for the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD). She will assist immigrant families navigate the U.S. school system by supporting enrollment, implementing new policies, and receiving feedback from families themselves. Eventually, her big dream is to be able to provide underrepresented communities in Peru with access to proper education through better infrastructure.

In her free time, Vale is reading, drawing, listening to podcasts, watching BookTube, or playing tennis.