Meet the Fellows

Luis Guillermo Garcia

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Luis Guillermo García was born in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. At the age of 13, he migrated to the San Francisco Bay Area, a place he has called home ever since. He is a recent graduate of  San Francisco State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Civil Engineering.

As a student at San Francisco State, he became an active member of a student organization, IDEAS (Improving Dreams, Equity, Access, and Success). There, he tabled on campus events to raise funds for the organization. His passion for helping others also led him to become a volunteer at The Dream Resource Center at SFSU. At the DRC, Luis assists with events that provide resources and a safe space for AB540 and DACA students like: Welcome Back Nights, Undoweek, New Student Orientation, Sneak Preview Spring, UndocuAlly Training, Beyond Borders Graduation  and more. As a student panelist in Ally Training for San Francisco State staff and faculty, he advocated for undocumented students to be eligible for all stipended internships on campus.

Luis's ultimate goal is to work to improve environmental justice and environmental sustainability, two issues that directly impact communities of color. He wants to work for either a private engineering firm or a local public works department that is committed to solving these two important problems that are having an effect on our environment and people's health.

For the DreamSF Fellowship, Luis is placed at Refugee and Immigrant Transitions, an organization that works alongside International High School in San Francisco. His primary role is to provide academic support in the classroom. Moreover, he will be a mentor for newcomer students providing one-on-one tutoring and overall support. Luis and Refugee and Immigrant Transition share the same vision and mission: to provide all newcomers with strengths-based educational approaches, so they can thrive and become participating members of our shared communities.

In his free time, Luis enjoys listening to different music genres, watching movies, sitcoms, sports, and playing sports like tennis, basketball, soccer, baseball, and badminton. But the most important thing to him is spending time with family and friends.