Meet the Fellows

Litzy Belinda Hernandez

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Litzy Belinda Hernandez is a Nuu’Savi born in la region Mixteca in Oaxaca, Mexico. They immigrated to the U.S. with their family at one year old and have lived in Ventura County, California since then. Now, Belinda lives in the Bay Area, pursuing a bachelor's degree in Legal Studies with a minor in Spanish at the University of California, Berkeley. They will graduate with honors in the Spring of 2022.

Belinda is a long-term advocate of indigenous and farmworker migrants. As a youth, Belinda organized alongside the Mixteco Indigenous Community Organizing Project (MICOP) to highlight the experiences of indigenous youth. As a daughter of farmworkers and a former farmworker herself, she also supports local farmworker overt-time efforts. However, Belinda believes that their life experiences as indigenous people is what guides their passion for social justice. Although they no longer live in Ventura County, Belinda still supports migrants in the Bay Area by translating and interpreting for migrants’ asylum applications with Respond: Crisis Translation.

Belinda is passionate about supporting indigenous migrants like herself. Her experiences working with other immigrant-led organizations helped her understand the lack of commitment to indigenous people and indigenous sovereignty by the immigrant rights movement. For this reason, Belinda aspires to become a trauma-informed immigration attorney to provide low-cost/free immigration legal services to indigenous migrants.

As a DreamSF Fellow, Belinda is placed with Pangea Legal Services. They decided to work with Pangea, as their commitment to the migrant community goes beyond providing quality immigration services. Like Pangea, Belinda also believes in community and relationships to be nurtured by care, love, and joy.

In their free time, Belinda enjoys listening to podcasts, writing poetry, and cooking. They also like to explore different mediums of art that range from nail art to digital media.