Meet the Fellows

Alexis Moran

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Alexis Moran was born in Mexicali, Baja California. For most of her life, she grew up in Southern California, and is a first generation recent college graduate. Alexis received her bachelor’s degree in Spanish Language and Literature and a minor in Latino Studies from San Francisco State University.  Her story is like many other Dreamers throughout the U.S. She comes from a low-income family, who came to this country seeking more opportunities.  With supportive parents at her side, and a brother and sister who she is very close to, Alexis has been able to accomplish all of her goals she set her mind to.

Alexis’ professional experience is rooted in both education and non-profit work. From K-8 students, to middle school and beyond, Alexis loves working with youth. These experiences lead her to the opportunity to be a softball coach where she could share her love of the sport with young people.

As a formerly homeless individual, Alexis worked on the Youth Advisory Board at Larkin Street Youth Services. The Youth Advisory Board (YAB) expanded her knowledge for advocacy within homelessness. She later worked for Institute for Civic and Community Engagement as a Civic Engagement Fellow, which allowed her to gain many public outreach and social media skills. Alexis has always been very passionate about helping others and creating change in this world, and by working closely with homeless youth, it inspired her to continue that work. What inspires Alexis the most is helping others and she is incredibly passionate about empowering youth. In the future, Alexis hopes to work more extensively with non-profit work focusing on LGBTQ youth, and hopefully become a leader in that community.

Currently, Alexis is placed at the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity. Her role in the organization is to do outreach with San Francisco team and expand the resources for sanctuary within the city. Alexis works closely with congregations and other non-profit organizations to collaborate and provide information on sanctuary and accompaniment teams.

Alexis’ many talents include drawing, knowing how to make balloon animals, and over 6 years of experience playing the drums.