Meet the Fellows

Elijah Toluao

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Elijah Toluao is a second-year Computer Science major at City College of San Francisco, looking to transfer to San Francisco State University within the next year. Born in New Zealand, he migrated to California with his family at the age of eight. Having grown up in various neighborhoods, spanning from South City to San Francisco, Elijah has become aware of the negative disparity of technical literacy within immigrant communities and the lack of diversity in the greatly expanding technology sector. Realizing that the representation and retention of people of color in the tech sector is extremely low, Elijah hopes to pursue a career in web or software development. Ultimately he aspires to be more active in closing the gap of digital literacy within his community.

As a DreamSF Fellow and DACA recipient, Elijah has been placed at the San Francisco City and County Office of Civic Engagement and Immigrant Affairs. With a background in coding and programming languages, Elijah’s main duty is to assist with the design and development of OCEIA’s digital platforms. He hopes that the experience and professional knowledge he gains at OCEIA will help prepare him for success as he continues along his career path.