Meet the Fellows

Rojina Pradhan

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Rojina Pradhan was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. At the age of 19, driven by her aspiration for higher education, she made a bold decision to immigrate to the United States. During her initial four years in the U.S, she resided in Mississippi and Texas, focusing on her academic pursuits and successfully completing her Associate’s degree. The Bay Area has been her home for three years now, and is where she fell in love with its diverse culture and tight-knit community of immigrants.

Rojina has always been fascinated by diverse cultures, and she is also fluent in four languages. Originally an accounting major, she changed her major to International Business when transferring to a community college in Texas, because of her interest and passion in language and culture. Her curiosity about languages from around the world led her to immerse herself in multilingual movies and shows, even learning Korean and picking up some Norwegian along the way.  As a senior majoring in International Business at San Francisco State University, she channels her academic pursuits to create positive change and empowerment for undocumented immigrant communities.

After completing her junior year of college, Rojina decided to take a gap year to expand her skills and acquire foundational programming knowledge. Her interest in coding sparked when she realized how tech skills could enhance her future digital marketing career. She is currently enrolled in a full-stack framework course through a coding bootcamp called "Code The Dream.” In 2021, she joined an online business and learned social media skills, which led her to embark on a personal branding journey, and discovered a newfound confidence in expressing herself online. She also co-hosts a podcast with her best friend called "In the Left State of Mind," in which they share experiences, stories, and advice about navigating life abroad. Based on her own experiences and knowledge, she felt called to help others find solace, empowerment, and identity. Through her intentional virtual workshops and courses, she aspires to guide undocumented immigrant communities to help recreate their identity in a foreign land.

As a DreamSF Fellow, Rojina is placed at the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC), where her focus will be collaborating closely with the Digital Communications Team to elevate and innovate marketing campaigns. Additionally, she is eager to contribute to website building efforts, ensuring seamless access to vital legal resources and updates for the community. Her enthusiasm and dedication to empowering immigrant communities through digital outreach make her a valuable addition to the ILRC team.

Outside of her academic pursuits and professional endeavors, Rojina finds solace in practicing yoga, mindfulness, and baking banana bread. She loves exploring outdoors through hiking and camping with her husband and their camper van. She also considers transformative music festivals healing for the soul. Furthermore, she takes joy in creating motivational videos to inspire others and actively cultivates a sense of community in the digital space.

Rojina’s dedication to empowering individuals and fostering positive change gives her strength and hope in her endeavors.