Meet the Fellows

Jennifer Guadalupe Reyes Garcia

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Jennifer was born in the small town of Xilita in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. At the age of three, both Jennifer and her mother moved to the U.S. in pursuit of a better life, with nothing but big dreams. She found community in her high school's Latinx Student Union Club, later holding a leadership position as the club grew its members. As Jennifer struggled with her identity and the hardships that come from being an immigrant, she found comfort in advocating for others and sharing her culture.

Working as a barista, Jennifer quickly discovered her love for in-person interactions with customers and this piqued her interest in the world of business. Currently, Jennifer attends City College of San Francisco, pursuing an Associate in Arts for Transfer degree in Economics, with the goal to obtain a Bachelor's in Economics. Jennifer aspires to attend law school, so that she can provide her community with fair legal representation, help them build generational wealth, and inspire them to dream.

For the DreamSF Fellowship Jennifer is placed at We Rise SF, an organization that advocates for the legal rights of union workers and their families. Here, she will manage multiple cases varying in different parts of immigration law. Jennifer will support with legal intakes, consultations, and immigration forms.

When Jennifer isn’t surrounded by school work, you’ll find her buried in a book. She loves true crime podcasts, reading, dancing, music, and spending time with her dog, Milo. In high school, Jennifer joined her school’s lacrosse team and it quickly became her favorite de-stresser. Now, Jennifer prefers a rainy day, with lit candles, music in the background, and a good book.