Meet the Fellows

Jussell Sanchez

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Born in Ixtapaluca, Mexico, Jussell’s journey to the United States at 11 was fueled by the hope of a better future and education. The hardships she encountered prompted questions about her identity and place in society. Undeterred, she pursued higher education, driven by a determination to understand herself and her path. Jussell earned multiple Associate of Arts degrees in Sociology, Psychology, and Art, as well as a Cosmetology license, finding personal clarity during a sociology class about societal perceptions of immigrants and underlying injustices. Education became her beacon, even in the face of racist attacks. In 2022, she triumphantly earned a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from University of California, Berkeley.

During her time at UC Berkeley, Jussell delved into sociology and through this, developed an interest in legal studies. This interest fueled her aspirations to pursue a career in law, particularly in advocating for the rights of the immigrant community. Her personal experiences from various jobs and her background in sociology strengthens her passion for legal advocacy within the immigrant community.

As a DreamSF Fellow placed at Pangea Legal Services, a deportation defense organization, she engages in legal representation, country research, and advocacy. Pangea's vision aligns with her belief in fair treatment, access to documents, and resettlement rights. At Pangea, Jussell assists clients, conducts country condition research, and provides support during court hearings. She is also actively involved in immigration advocacy efforts and is continually learning about immigration law.

Jussell's leisure activities include weightlifting, movies, and cherished moments with loved ones. Her journey embodies resilience, determination, and a commitment to advocating for justice within the immigrant community.