Meet the Fellows

Talissa Carrasco

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Talissa Carrasco was born in Piura, Peru and came to the United States with her family at the age of two, settling in Torrance, CA. She subsequently moved to the Bay Area when she was ten years old. Talissa is now completing her Bachelor of Science degree at UC Davis and intends on attending law school after. As an undocumented immigrant, Talissa has experienced many struggles in achieving her goals, but is determined in succeeding so that she may help other immigrants like herself achieve academic success. Talissa hopes to serve as a role model for future immigrants and for Latina women who have come to this country with dreams of becoming successful.

Talissa and Jesus have been placed with One Justice, a non-profit that seeks to bring life-changing legal help to Californians in need. As they participate in the Rural Justice Initiative, Jesus and Talissa are able to shadow and work alongside the Pro Bono Justice team as it works with clients in rural and isolated areas of California through its mobile legal clinics. As the program continues, they will have the chance to attend fifteen Rural Justice clinics that will focus on housing, DACA, and other immigration assistance. They also assist with the Justice Bus program, providing DACA clinics throughout Northern California. Through this organization, Talissa and Jesus will serve a large population of those in need, develop a greater understanding of legal issues affecting low-income Californians and the legal remedies for those issues, gain knowledge of California’s legal system, and help with outreach to serve the greatest number of people possible.