Meet the Fellows

Miguel Anguiano Hernandez

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Miguel was born and raised in Puebla, Mexico. While his parents migrated to the U.S. ahead of him, Miguel was raised by his grandma, who he considers a second mom. Miguel immigrated to the U.S. with his sister at 14 years old due to the violence and cartels in his hometown, and to reunite with their mom. He now aspires to be a resource for young immigrants in San Francisco and the wider Bay Area, inspiring them to overcome obstacles and build a better future for themselves.

Miguel is currently studying at San Francisco State University, working towards his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science. He also holds an associates degree in Business Administration, and a certificate in automotives. Miguel aspires to be a full stack web developer and learn more about programming languages. He's working hard to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and frameworks like React, Vua, Angular. And,  algorithms, MySQL and NoSQL to manage the data. After being very good at web development, Miguel aspires to become an engineer in machine learning in the future, and to utilize artificial intelligence to positively impact his community.

Miguel’s passion for helping other undocumented youth started at Communities in Harmony Advocating for Learning and Kids (CHALK). At CHALK, he grew personally while developing soft skills that can be used in the workforce. As a DreamSF Fellow Miguel was placed at Mission Graduates, he will enhance his professional growth by focusing on recruiting after-school teachers, working in recruiting software, supporting staff with projects, and volunteering at schools. Miguel looks forward to sharing his experience as a first generation college student to the youth to to motivate them towards accomplishing their goals.

Some of Miguel's hobbies are cross country running, practicing boxing on his own, playing soccer and the guitar, and singing. What he enjoys most is talking to his grandma, going out to eat, and visiting new places in the Bay Area with his family.