Meet the Fellows

Madiha Khan

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A current student of the University of California, Berkeley, Madiha Khan is a third-year Political Economics major looking to graduate in 2016. Born in the United Arab Emirates, she moved to California at the age of seven. As a current DACA recipient, she realizes the necessity of better immigration policies and the need for more immigration attorneys. Madiha currently wants to pursue a career that would encompass the fields of politics and law. She plans to minor in Public Policy to better understand the needs of other immigrants and those in her community. With the knowledge and experience she will attain, Madiha hopes to identify and devise the best course of action that could be taken by legislators to solve current issues and create future opportunities.


Madiha is currently a Fellow in the DreamSF Program and works within the Office of Civic Engagement and Immigrant Affairs. Her main duties include research on the different immigration related issues and policies within the United States, with a focus on immigrant affairs within San Francisco. She plans to use her experience within OCEIA to further her knowledge of immigrant affairs to better connect with those suffering from current legislation. She hopes to one day propose future policies regarding a pathway to citizenship that will assist the undocumented community.