Meet the Fellows

Alfredo Coyotl Cuatlacuatl

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Alfredo Coyotl Cuatlacuatl is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in marketing at San Francisco State University. Originally from a small town in Puebla, Mexico, Alfredo came to the United States with his parents when he was five years old due to the economic issues in their country and, most importantly, to begin a new life with a better future. Currently, Alfredo lives in Oakland, CA with his parents and sisters.

When Alfredo obtained DACA he was able to get a secure job and confidently start building his credit. As he finished high school, Alfredo noticed a concerning communication gap between school officials and students in addition to the low percentage of Latino students not pursuing higher education. Due to this experience, Alfredo hopes to fill that gap with resources and to increase the number of Latinos achieving higher education, creating a pathway to help those that don’t think school is for them reach different alternatives towards success.

Alfredo’s placement within the DreamSF Fellowship is with the Office of Civic Engagement and Immigrant Affairs (OCEIA). Alfredo works closely with the collaborative of local nonprofits that comprise the SF Pathways to Citizenship Initiative. Alfredo will work to create a useful operations manual that will contribute to future successful citizenship workshops. Additionally, Alfredo is working on the City’s Language Access Ordinance, taking part in research that helps ensure all San Francisco residents receive equal access to city services.

Alfredo also wants to understand and fight for better immigration policies so he can create ways to inform his community. Alfredo’s experiences growing up undocumented have helped him reach goals he never thought he would accomplish, gaining skills that have assisted him throughout his journey. Alfredo hopes to pursue a career that integrates the field of marketing while still working to serve his community. In his spare time, Alfredo loves to read fiction novels, go on hikes, and work on his photography skills.