Meet the Fellows

Luis Gerardo Cuautle-Velazquez

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Luis Gerardo Cuautle-Velazquez is working to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at San Francisco State University.

Luis entered the United States just before his 8th birthday. He was unaware that his parents were at risk, from—working under-the-table jobs and exposing themselves to authorities who could deport them– all to provide their family with opportunities they never had themselves. Unlike most his friends, Luis’ parents were never both there to see him off to school or kiss him goodnight because one was always working during the day, and the other at night. This was a never-ending cycle that Luis couldn’t understand.

A turning point in Luis’s life was hearing about the Dream SF fellowship. He had no idea there were programs that provided a platform for immigrant students to engage in community involvement, social justice, and professional development. For the longest time he had stayed in the shadows and never really thought he could help others like himself. Luis is inspired to help both parents and children to not miss a day in which they can both see their kids off to school and kiss them goodnight

As a Dream SF Fellow, Luis is placed at Dolores Street Community Services (DSCS). His work at DSCS is to provide resources and legal aid to families or individuals who are in the process of removal proceedings. Through this placement, Luis is continuing his passion to provide crucial services to families that are impacted by immigration enforcement. He is eager to assist those who, like his parents, are searching for a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

Currently Luis is grateful to the San Francisco Office of Civic Engagement & Immigrant Affairs (OCEIA) for providing the opportunity to explore community engagement and immigration law that affects him and his community. In his free time, Luis trains in martial arts and loves to cook. He also enjoys spending time with his family and beloved dog, Napoleon.