Meet the Fellows


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Ronald was born in Lima, Peru, and immigrated to the Bay Area with his father as a young child. Ronnie is a student at City College of San Francisco, where he is majoring in Fire Science. In the future, Ronnie hopes to be accepted into the local Fire Fighters union.

Ronnie discovered his passion for his community and own self-empowerment as a result of watching his father and loved ones struggle throughout his life. Currently, Ronnie is working towards obtaining his residency and work permit. This is important for him because he believes that everybody is human and deserves basic rights. He is working hard so that he better provide for his wife and his son.

Through college, Ronnie played water polo and soccer. Growing up, he was also involved in a leadership academy at Alive and Free Omega Boys Club. This experience shaped his understanding of how to become a positive influence in his community. Overall, Ronnie aspires to become an exceptional man in society and a positive role model for his son. He strives to do better and be better not just for the world, but for himself .

As a DreamSF Fellow, Ronnie is placed at the Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity. In his free time, Ronnie likes to spend time with his wife and son. They enjoy going to parks and beaches together. He also enjoys skateboarding, exercising and working on his car.