Meet the Fellows

Christine Bernadette Aguado

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Christine Bernadette Aguado's life journey has been profoundly shaped by her experiences as a first-generation immigrant born and raised in Manila, Philippines. At the age of 12, she embarked on a transformative voyage: migrating to the United States with her family and settling in the East Bay. Christine witnessed the stark impact of poverty, overpopulation, and pollution throughout her upbringing, igniting a sincere determination to create positive change. With an unwavering belief in the pivotal role of education, her primary focus shifted toward empowering low-income and immigrant communities. Her commitment to community building and advocacy has become the cornerstone of her career, driven by the aspiration to cultivate a diverse society where the pervasive housing insecurity and homelessness prevalent in her communities can be alleviated.

Christine’s academic interests exemplify her relentless pursuit of knowledge and personal growth. She holds Associate’s degrees in Humanities and Engineering from Ohlone College and Architectural Technology from Chabot College. Continuing her education at the University of California, Davis, she earned a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture, accompanied by a minor in Environmental Policy and Planning.

As an accomplished landscape architect, Christine aims to design public spaces that promote inclusivity and unity, seeking to address issues such as housing insecurity and homelessness within low-income communities. Her belief in the transformative power of education drives her advocacy work, emphasizing the importance of providing opportunities for underserved populations.

Assigned as a DreamSF Fellow, Christine finds her purpose intertwined with the Immigration Institute of the Bay Area (IIBA), where her role takes on a transformative significance. As a driving force, Christine utilizes her skills to vividly capture the narratives of immigrants, etching their journeys into the collective consciousness. Through strategically using social media platforms, she propels awareness of legal services and community engagement, making a memorable impact on the Bay Area's immigrant population.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Christine enjoys spending quality moments with her loved ones at local cafes and boba shops, and cherishing the connections that enrich her life. Her passion for the outdoors is evident in her pursuit of architectural history through street photography and her creative hobby of crafting miniature models.

With an unwavering commitment to making a positive impact, Christine Bernadette Aguado continues to inspire others through her dedication to community development and her steadfast belief in the potential of every individual. Her professional journey is a testament to the transformative power of empathy, education, and community-driven efforts.