Meet the Fellows

Raul Barrera

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Born in Veracruz, Mexico, Raul Barrera is a community organizer, student, and promising photographer, looking to create sustainable socio-political and economic development in the community. His status as an undocumented immigrant has not been an impediment to work towards his goals. Raul is an International Relations student at San Francisco State University.

Since his entry to the U.S, Raul has been volunteering in various non-profit organizations that helped him developed his social and political views. During his time at PODER (People Organizing to Demand Environmental Rights) he learned about the health impacts poor communities of color face in toxic environments, where he engaged with youth and did advocacy work. Raul was also part of Students Making a Change, a student group at City College of San Francisco that focuses on policy changing.

Through the Dream SF fellowship, Raul has been able to advance professional skills at Mission Asset Fund. As an outreach fellow, Raul engages with the community through presentations, social media networks, and by creating new relationships with other local non-profits in the area. He is also utilizing his photography skills to document some of MAF’s members and their impacts on the program.