Meet the Fellows

Art Rivera

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Art Rivera is a queer, undocumented graphic designer in San Francisco, California. Art originally hails from Mexico City but grew up in Oakland, California with his family. Living in an immigrant household, Art learned two key values from their family early on, which they hold stalwart: the importance of a good education and of the importance of individualism. As such, Art has strived to attain a full education and retained a strong sense of self. All this despite the often discouraging odds and the political maltreatment of various administrations which have tried to undermine their identity, ambitions, and goals.

Art is currently a third-year at the University of San Francisco and is working on their Bachelors of Arts in Advertising and Design. Art derives his passion for advertising and design from the power which design, marketing, and mediums of communications have on creating evocative, convincing, and emotional messages for the masses. Particularly, the way in which this power has the potential to create positive change and innovation in society. Thus, Art is pursuing a career in advertising because it serves as a creative and rewarding gateway to someday give a voice to, not only themselves, but to others in the world. And in addition to their passion for advertising and design, Art is a fellow at the USF Department of Diversity, Engagement, and Community Outreach where they work to empower undocumented students to pursue and realize their goals of higher education.

In their spare time, Art works as a freelance graphic designer wherein he uses his passion for visual communication to make ends meet and to express himself and his clients. This experience has paired well with their strong interests in both branding and marketing, and has enriched Art’s already well-versed understanding of typography and the foundational design principles of design. However, beyond the minutiae of design, Art also deeply understands and values the power of well-crafted visual messaging, particularly regarding its potential to promote social good. For instance, Art is passionate about how graphic design can further efforts of sustainability and social justice, especially in our increasingly visual media-dependent social climate. To Art, it is clear that the power of cogent visual communication is intertwined profoundly with efforts to transform lives, culture, and society.

For the DreamSF Fellowship, Art has been assigned to the Catholic Charities Immigration Team. There, Art will provide a variety of preliminary legal services to clients, in individual and group settings. He will also communicate with clients, provide guidance through the different legal processes, and serve as their envoy by providing them with access and exposure to internal and community resources.