Meet the Fellows

Zeltzin Angon

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Zeltzin Angon is currently pursuing a double major in Geography and Environmental Studies at the University of California, Berkeley. At the age of 7, she made the journey from Mexico to settle in Los Angeles, where she has resided ever since. Her interactions with nature and culture in Mexico influenced her to learn about society’s relationship and management of natural resources, specifically the economic and political practices that impact indigenous farmers. She is passionate about working on issues of climate justice and climate change, focusing on the health disparities immigrants face.

From interning with the National Park Service to volunteering with the East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, Zeltzin has obtained skills such as: translating documents, giving public presentations, researching and community outreach—all of which have allowed her to become well rounded and knowledgeable in different fields. Acknowledging that access to information can be a privilege, Zeltzin hopes to learn more about immigration law in order to be a source of knowledge to her community. Without the ability to travel, Zeltzin has relied on books and films to learn about the world and its many issues, allowing her to develop a love for stories.

Through the DreamSF Fellowship, Zeltzin is thrilled to work at the International Institute of the Bay Area (IIBA), an organization that provides legal and language services for immigrants. She plans to bring her love of storytelling and advocacy for immigrants to IIBA where she will intern with the social media team to promote IIBA’s 100th year celebration and annual Comedy Night for Immigrant Rights.

Zeltzin’s hobbies include photography, cooking, hiking, biking, film, and reading.