Meet the Fellows

Edson Arroyo De Jesus

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Born in Mexico City, Mexico, Edson spent their childhood moving between the city, a stone home in Puebla, and their mom’s small town in the state of Guerrero. Edson immigrated to Los Angeles at the age of five. They are currently continuing their education at Berkeley City College in an effort to re-apply to UC Berkeley as an Ethnic Studies major, following a rough transition period.

Edson is inspired by a legacy of resilience and resistance within trans and migrant communities. They hope to continue to empower their peers, loved ones, and QTPOC in the LA and Bay Area, specifically by helping to address the disparity in accessing health services. Edson has previously worked with low-income elementary school students through two after-school enrichment programs—Reading Partners and Fit for Gold—in an effort to provide quality academic support for students. Being rooted in community has always been important to Edson, who was raised on an abundance of love and support from family and friends.

Through their placement with Chinese for Affirmative Action for the DreamSF Fellowship, Edson will be working to ensure the agency of immigrant communities by working on campaigns that inform people of day to day changes in local policy. They will also be preparing presentations, Know Your Rights trainings, and support CAA’s communications work. Edson hopes to use these skills in order to learn how to better connect people with resources for quality, holistic health.

Edson is passionate about routines and bodily health and is preparing to launch a fundraiser initiative for people in detention centers called “Undocu Cosmetics,” by selling of soaps for face and body. Edson also strongly believes in the importance of art, self-expression, and creativity, especially as tools to bring people together and divest from oppressive tendencies and ways of thinking.