Meet the Fellows

Sandibel Ramirez Rubio

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Sandibel Ramirez Rubio was born in Chapulhuacán, Hidalgo, Mexico. She immigrated to Santa Ana, California at the age of five to reunite with her family. Sandibel currently attends the University of California, Berkeley, where she is majoring in Legal Studies and Film & Media Studies.

Influenced by her own experiences and her powerful community, Sandibel has organized around immigrant and queer rights in Santa Ana. This work inspired her to further support immigrant communities at the micro-level by providing critical services like legal defense. Sandibel also seeks to support the community by highlighting the complexities and lived experiences of queer immigrants through film. She hopes that these efforts for visibility will resonate with queer immigrants and hopefully influence more just immigration policies.

Sandibel aspires to develop her community organizing skills through her placement at Causa Justa :: Just Cause. At Causa Justa :: Just Cause, Sandibel will support black and brown unity efforts through community trainings, immigrant rights campaigns, as well as supporting the Rapid Response Network. She is both excited and grateful for the empowering opportunity to support the community-led immigrant movements of the Bay Area.

In her free time, Sandibel enjoys writing, watching movies, and creating playlists of newly discovered music.