Meet the Fellows

Emiliano Jimenez Minor

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Emiliano Jimenez Minor was born in Mexico City, Mexico. He’s chilango! Emiliano attends San Francisco State University as a first-generation college student, where he plans to double-major in Anthropology and Latinx Studies. He is also strongly considering pursuing a Master’s and PhD in Anthropology. An Anthropology and Latina/o Studies major, Emiliano is passionate about the study of ancient cultures and societies of Pre-Hispanic Latin America; he to co-exist with those same communities that have survived 500 years of colonization. Emiliano is driven by the passion to reconnect with his Indigenous roots in order to learn his history, culture, and language.

Emiliano worked at Bay Area Community Resources in the Undocumented Rights Program, where he collaborated with other community members to address the issues that undocumented youth face. Through that experience and his own background, Emiliano realized that undocumented students were often neglected in an educational system that renders them inisivible. They’re not afforded the same support and resources that other students are granted. Emiliano plans to become an educator so that he can continue advocating for undocumented students.

Emiliano applied to DreamSF Fellowship in order to be an effective advocate for his community and family. As a DreamSF Fellow, Emiliano is placed with Interfaith Movement 4 Human Integrity (IM4HI), where he will support and empower youth who have been directly impacted by mass incarceration and the immigration system.

Emiliano enjoys making sculptures that are inspired by indigenous art of Mesoamerica, dinosaurs, animals, or other figures in pop culture. He also enjoys drawing, writing poetry and stories, as well as reading history, science fiction, and historical fiction. Emiliano hopes to one day write an epic fantasy novel inspired by the cultures and societies of Mesoamerica. He also loves spending time with friends, family, watching movies, TV shows, and playing video games.