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Ernesto Cuellar

[EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT] major at Sonoma State University. Ernesto migrated to the United States at a young age with his brother and parents. Although confusing at first, his curiosity and love of community pushed Ernesto to quickly adapt to the ways of American culture and embrace San Francisco as his adoptive hometown.


[EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT]has gained an interest for helping people in his community and help afford others the opportunities given to him and his family. After the shocking 2016 election, Ernesto decided to dedicate his career to tilting the institutional balance in favor of his community. Through volunteer work for political campaigns that align with his values and vision for the future as well as the desire to pursue a career as a Public Defender.


[EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT] have to choose between being able to raise their kids in a safe neighborhood and the possibility of dying at the hands of the law. His passion lies in the need to transform the way his community interacts with law enforcement and vice versa. He hopes to bring nuance to a conversation that is often discussed as a binary.


[EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT] hopes to further his knowledge in the practice of immigration law on both defense and affirmative proceedings. AAN is special for Ernesto as they serve an underrepresented migrant community that his family shares a connection with.


[EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT] Music Art Project (MMAP) and the YMCA on community beautification projects. As well as helping recently arrived refugee youth with their transition into the American school system through Rustic Pathways. He attended a performing arts high school in San Francisco, where he was trained in the theatre arts. In his free time, Ernesto enjoys local theatre, hanging out with friends, hiking around San Francisco.






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Creating a new cohort folder, 

each fellow new bio page, and linking bios.


Creating a new cohort folder

  • Create a new "202#"folder in Menus & Pages window.

  • Duplicate Fellow Bio Template.

    • Do not edit the template​.

    • Move copy of template inside folder and make as many copies needed for the number of fellows in the cohort.

  • Have ready:

    • Fellow images uploaded to Wix.

      • Edit/create a 1 by 1 equally proportionate image for each fellow.

    • Logos(transparent if possible) for new orgs uploaded to Wix.​

    • Bio docs with all links ready to copy and paste into wix. 

Creating a new fellow bio page

  • For each new fellow bio page​:

    1. Update the name of the page.

    2. In the page settings update the following:

      1. URL name to "name2020".

      2. Fellow name for google result.

      3. Fellow name for ​social share.

  • Items to update in each bio page:

    1. First + Last Name - H4, check font spacing and line-height.

    2. Fellow image.

    3. Logo.

      1. Delete placeholder.

      2. Add correct Logo and resize proportionally.

      3. Link logo to org website.

      4. Review the placement and link of it. 

    4. ​Bio body - P1, change link colors to blue.

    5. Adjust bottom of page.

    6. Switch to Mobile and check.

      1. Name & logo spacing.

      2. Overall look.

      3. Spacing at the bottom of the page - Scroll all the way down.

    7. Back in desktop view take a look at last look at the whole page for last review.

Double-check for matching info, for each fellow before moving on to the next one

  • Page Name

  • Site URL+ SEO

  • First + Last Name

  • Image

  • Bio text

  • Logo

  • Mobile

After creating all fellow pages:

  • Confirm they are listed by the first name in the Menus & Pages panel.

  • Visiting each fellow page in order:​

    • Link left arrow to the previous fellow.

    • Link right arrow to next fellow.

  • First fellow left arrow link to Meet the Fellows page.

  • Last fellow right arrow link to Meet the Fellows page.

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