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Headshot of Ricardo Rivas

Ricardo Rivas

Ricardo Rivas was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. The youngest of four siblings, Ricky came to San Francisco with his single mother at the age of 2. Around the fourth grade, his family moved to Richmond CA, where he now lives. He aspires to work in the field of immigration law in order to support immigrants and undocumented students.

Ricky graduated from Berkeley City College and transferred to the University of California, Berkeley as a Political Science Major! Ricky has worked for the Undocumented Community Resource Center at BCC and worked with undocu/documented/immigrant college students to further their journeys in higher education.

For the DreamSF Fellowship, Ricky is placed at Legal Services for Children (LSC). For the fellowship, he is a Legal Assistant, aiding undocumented/immigrant youth with DACA renewals and helping them find other forms of immigration relief.

In his free time, Ricky loves going on coffee walks, car journeys, and further exploring the Bay Area. He also has an adorable Yorkie Terrier named Bella, whom he loves spending most of his time with. His way of showing you affection is reading you to filth.

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